Bastards from No Where

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In the beginning . . .
There you were

The Characters in this story, grow up at an orphanage in the slums of Marbless called the “Sorrowful Home for Boys Lost and Forsaken.” The home is run by the Sisters of Eternal Sorrow. Sister Leoma is the director of this home and been here since she was a novice. She always had a particular interest and love for this group of children. The group showed up on the doorstep of the home the same night wrapped in the same kind of blankets and each child had their name sown into each blanket. This made naming them easier, but left no clue as to who they were or where they came from.

Sister Leoma ran the home with a heavy hand and a kind heart. She made sure each child of the curious group was always present when the Clerics of the Creator came to teach the children. The children were required to do chores, and go to lessons.

Like all children at the Sorrowful Home who became adults, each child was given a small amount of copper, and sent on their way. Sister Leoma stood in the door way and waved as this young group left. Tears ran down her cheek, for some reason these children leaving tugged at her heart much more than normal. She had the feeling that she would see them again.

The group went their separate ways, and began to impact the world of Shinesh.

The Prelude to the first session
Your Story

A year to the day after they left, each receive a letter from a messenger from the Paard Guild.

“Dear Young Hero,

At the request of your Father, I am sending this letter to you. I request you meet my self and your friends from the Sorrowful Home for Boys Lost and Forsaken at the Third Portal Tavern, in the old merchant’s square. Tell the bartender, ‘I am here to see the White Dragon.’ He will lead to a private table where I will meet you at. I will meet you on the day after the next full moon. Please wait for me, I have what you have been seeking.

Father Joseph

Cleric of St. Lawrence, Creator’s Cathedral of Marbless”

GM note for PC: It is this year that you have for your backstory. This backstory is how you explain you got to Lvl 1 and any NPCs you may have met along the way or where in the world you traveled.


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