Dec. 3rd 528 M2 (Year of the 2nd Marbless) I begin this journal as a means to record such adventure as may befall me, no matter how mundane, in the days to come. Tonight is the eve of our eighteenth birthday, or at least upon which we celebrate it. As a matter of course I am quite sure that I have been eighteen for some months now. Yet beyond this, the true significance of tomorrow is that it is the day we shall leave the Home, each to our own way. Valentine will join the Church, studying I believe right here in Marbless. Pitt is to go with me to the monastery (a fact in which I must admit to take solace). As for Deacon….well, I would rather not state what it is we can all expect from Deacon – though I cannot say that we love him the less for it. I should worry for Mother Leoma, but I must trust in Valentine and Deacon to keep her well.

Dec. 13th 528 The monks have wasted little time in beginning our training. I am too exhausted to sleep and every muscle burns as if seared by coals. It takes what little concentration I can manage to keep my quill steady. Master Chogar instructed me to meditate tonight to calm the aches – but I am quite sure that not even he could meditate with the sound of Pitt snoring like a she-bear in heat.

Feb. 7th 529 Finally! Today I bested Pitt in combat for the first time. I stunned him cold with only one blow. I broke two knuckles for my effort, but they will heal quickly. My ability to feel and manipulate Ki is steadily increasing. Master Chogar has said I exceptional talent in this regard.

April 9th 529 …I think often of Valentine and Deacon. I can only hope that they are making well for themselves until such a time as fate should cast us together again.

June 24th 529 A traveling monk from the Marbless Monastery arrived today. Pitt and I were anxious to hear of home – had we anticipated the nature of his news we would not have been so eager. It seems that two thugs robbed the orphanage (for what I can’t imagine), but they beat Moster Leoma severely. I am quite sure that I have never seen a man so enraged than Pitt at this disturbing news. It breaks my heart to harm of harm befalling Mother Leoma – but Pitt is determined for blood. I can only hope that he has calmed now enough for me to speak with him. I am fearful that he will attempt something rash.

June 25th 529 Pitt left just before dawn – we stayed up the whole night talking, but too little avail. No amount of words or force could retrain Pitt when he is in such a state. He asked me to go with him, but I cannot. For now, my place is here, finishing my studies. I cannot in good faith leave until I have been released from novice. Even so, I made Pitt swear that he would send word to me in haste if the orphanage is still in danger. I will be lonely without him.

July 18th 529 My growing skill with Ki has persuaded Master Chogar to send me on to the Monastery of CopperStone in Picarby to seek more specialized instruction. I leave in the morning.

Nov. 15st 529 Of all the days since I left the orphanage I must count this the strangest. I was in afternoon meditation when I was summoned by Master Sorran. He unexpectedly presented me with the habit of a full Brother in the Monastic Order of the Metallic Fist. He then instructed me upon a mission. A half-elf woman it seems has arrived recently (so I assume) at our monastery. I have been ordered to escort her in all haste to our monastery at Marbless. I am at a loss as to why the Order is involved in such a task, or even as to why I have been chosen. At least I am going home.

Nov. 28th 29 We are nearly to Marbless City, only a few more days. Despite our journey I still marvel at the mystery of my companion. She is young, no older than myself. Her mixed heritage has played kindly in her favor, for she is quite beautiful. Yet aside from this, I know nothing of her, not even a name. To avoid detection through Picarby, we were made to swear a vow of silence. I would have expected the vow to bind us till we crossed into Marbless – but Master Sorran made us bound until my companion is safely delivered unto the Master at Marbless. Strange business as this may be, it is none of mine. What is my business is to find my brothers when I reach Marbless, I can only hope that all are still there. It should be disappointing to celebrate our 19th birthday apart.


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