Shinesh: Marbless

One of the major kingdoms in Shinesh is the city Marbless or as known by some as The White City by the Sea. The city was built with white marble in the wealthy areas and the rest was built with the white coral that is harvested not far from the city. The city walls are made from this tuff white coral. The city walls encompass twice the size of the city proper, in the past the excess space had been used to house the standing army during times of war. Now homes can’t be built fast enough to fill in this area. As the city expands the new foundations have found many strange ruins below the city. Many have any taken to living in the ruins below the city. The city government has began hiring out the work of exploring the undercity, and clearing it out.

Marbless is a center for trade for the world of Shinesh. The southern half of the continent the coast is covered with cliffs. The bay that Marbless is built around on of the two only area with out the cliffs. The cliffs along the coast is home to many pirates and smugglers.

In the center of the city stand a large fortress made almost entirely of the white coral. Sometime in the city’s past the fortress was covered in the white marble that is seen through a fair part of the city. The marble gives the pentagon shaped fortress the deceptive appearance of a palace.

The city is truly cosmopolitan , where all intelligent races live under the same law. Kobolds to some smaller giants call Marbless home. Anyone of any race can vote and be elected to the city council. Five members are elected to the council for five year terms. A member of the council can serve only two terms. A mayor is elected to two year terms. he people of Marbless are very distrustful of anyone gaining to much power and influence. More than one city bureaucrat has been drug out of his home by an angry mob and hanged when making a political bid for power.

The city taxes all trade that comes into and out of the city. This affords Marbless the ability to field a large army called the Home Guard. Many smaller kingdoms enjoy the protection of the home guard.

Shinesh: Marbless

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